Media is Sensationalism.
This series is a visual commentary on the tendency of media to only report "exciting news", and how so many important things happening in the government and our world can go unreported. There are numerous injustices occurring that we simply never hear about because of the nature of media. Constantly educate yourself about what's happening in the world, and make sure you don't just stand to the side as the people around you are stripped of their rights.
To every person in a position of privilege - understand how you benefit from the current system, and use your privilege to stand up for others, speak up when they're not around, and support them.
This is for all of the people of color who won't get justice for their deaths, and who we don't hear about. Say their names.
This is for the 1,500 immigrant children who were "lost", and who we didn't hear about for a while in the news. Keep asking where they are.
This is for trans individuals, some of whom can't be who they are without fear for their lives. Don't let them be erased.
"If you were to create a system from scratch today, I don't think you would create it the way it currently exists."
Our current system is broken. We need to do what we can to effect the necessary changes and work towards revising the system to really be for the people.

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