Photo by Andrea Ball Photography (2020)

My name is Emily! Born and raised in the Detroit area, I'm a self-taught photographer with a love of adventure and a passion for fashion - specifically, I love handmade items by local designers and thrifted clothes. Thrifting is life.
I love lifestyle and editorial work equally as a photographer. I love connecting with couples and families, watching kids run around their parents, and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces when they're having a great time. I also love sitting down to plan out my shoots, styling models, and working with them to create stunning visuals. 
As an advocate for reducing waste, especially in the fashion industry, I've collected wardrobe from secondhand sources or independent designers and created a client closet that is affectionately referred to as The Hive. Check it out!

My Adventures So Far
In August 2019, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology & Philosophy. While I still think I would have been better off with a degree in computer science or fashion apparel design, being a photographer has brought me so much joy and excitement that I couldn't imagine life differently. While I was at CMU, I studied abroad three times and fell in love with traveling.
In 2017, I went to Denmark. There, I spent a month learning about Positive Psychology and exploring Copenhagen. My first day there, I had to collect returnable bottles to buy the Danish version of ramen... but that's another story. The highlight of my time there was finding 4 of the 6 wooden giants scattered throughout the countryside of Copenhagen. I'm a sucker for adventure, really, which is a big part of the reason I encourage so many couples to elope somewhere they love or to book an adventurous portrait session in their wedding attire. 
In 2018, I had an absolutely wild time getting to Florence, Italy. I spent my time there learning about fashion photography. It felt like I was in the student designer store every other day, styling my next shoot and talking to the supervisor about location options. I ate so much pasta, climbed up to the Piazza De Michelangelo more times than I remember, and somehow managed to get one of the weirdest sunburns ever. My first weekend in Florence, I took a day trip through Tuscany to go wine tasting, and I can honestly say I've never had more wine in a day. The weekend before I left Florence, I visited the Amalfi Coast, had spaghetti a la vongole with 28 clams (I ate all of them, of course), wandered around the top of Mount Solaro, and scalded my feet on the black sand beaches of Positano. An unforgettable time, really. 
In 2019 I spent a full 20 hours in transit to Cape Town, South Africa. Once I finally got there, I spent a month surveying the streets of the city, touring Franschoek to sip wine, and volunteering my free time to photograph nonprofit local events and organizations. My favorite moment was watching the sun set from the top of Table Mountain and seeing the city of Cape Town light up. Unfortunately, before I was able to swim with sharks, I had to come home early. And then I graduated.

Photo by Jasen Bergamini (2018)

Photo by Ellis and Indigo (2020)

Immediately after graduating in 2019, I went to Iceland with a photographer friend of mine. There, I had the awesome opportunity to model on the black sand beach, at Kerid Crater, and in the streets of Reyjkavik. While adventuring, I constantly stood in awe of the natural landscapes and enjoyed the fresh air (and occasionally overwhelming sulfur smell). I would love to go back with a couple to capture portraits at the abandoned plane and at the black sand beaches and caves of Reynisfjara.
In Michigan, I've gotten to explore Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Oval Beach, Black Rocks, Dead River Falls, Miner's Beach, Stoney Creek, and of course, Belle Isle. I've also traveled to Grand Rapids, Flint, Charlevoix, Mt. Pleasant, and Ann Arbor for my weddings and engagements, and I've had a fantastic time seeing the state. Living so close to the city, I know Downtown Detroit well enough that I no longer need a map to get around. 
Take a moment to connect with me and let's go find some beautiful moments together. We'll explore a natural area or a city of your choice!
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